On Thursday, July 23, 2020, Financial Fitness Group founder, Joe Saari, speaks on Jon Leonetti in the Morning about the Iowa Financial Fitness Challenge. The show is associated with Iowa Catholic Radio who is participating in the program.

The Iowa Financial Fitness Challenge kicks off September 9, 2020, and is available to organizations in the state of Iowa at no cost. The program is a financial wellness platform that provides interactive, unbiased education for Iowans, including:

  • Over 400 engaging courses where users can watch videos, tutorials, and use interactive calculators.
  • Recommended courses for a personalized experience.
  • New COVID-19 economic impact content to help employees through the current economic downturn during the pandemic.

The Iowa Financial Fitness Challenge will benefit an organization as a whole by:

  • Creating lower absenteeism and distractions.
  • Increasing employee retention and productivity.
  • Decreasing productivity loss. $2,000 in lost productivity occurs each year due to financial stress.
  • Driving higher 401(k) participation and contributions.

“We at Iowa Catholic Radio have partnered with them to offer our listeners, underwriters, and hosts an opportunity to be able to do this because it does play a significant role in our faith and understanding finances…,” said Jon Leonetti.

During the interview, Joe also shares how participants can determine their relationship with money by engaging in interactive coursework and tools to improve their financial knowledge.

“Our relationship with money has to do with three things. What do we know, our aptitude? What are our behaviors? Are we choosing to spend less than we make or more than we make, and then ultimately confidence, and it turns out how you feel about your money is really driven by getting to know a little bit more about the things you’re concerned about. Then, of course, taking action to make adjustments where things are out of whack,” said Joe Saari.

Listen to the full episode of Jon Leonetti in the Morning featuring Joe Saari here. Joe’s interview can be listened to at the 49-minute time marking.