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We're the leading provider of interactive financial wellness to financial service providers, Government Agencies, and Fortune 500 companies.

Impacting Financial Literacy in America

Financial Fitness Group is an enterprise software company that has developed a financial e-learning solution designed to maximize user engagement while improving financial knowledge. Established in 1998 by a $2 million academic research and design grant, Financial Fitness Group developed the industry standard for a financial wellness score - a massive library of FINRA compliant financial education content and a modular, learning platform to create confident learners.

Our Mission

To create interactive financial wellness experiences that enrich lives by making learning personal, easy, effective and fun.

Company Core Values

We are united by core values that enable us to pursue our mission with passion and purpose.


Efficient and scalable education to fit any financial story


Utilize all teams and expertise to achieve objectives


Use results-driven data to inform business decisions


Provide a consistent, positive and personalized experience


Be objective and moral financial stewards


Enable others to learn and thrive


Understand clearly, genuinely engage and aid

Meet our Team

Patrick Quirk

Patrick D. Quirk
Executive Chairman

Patrick D. Quirk is the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors at Financial Fitness Group and a proven software executive with more than 30 years of experience in enterprise software, research and development, marketing and sales, and global operations. He has been a CEO for Emptoris (acquired by IBM), Achievers, and Vendavo. Quirk has also been a global executive at GoldenGate Software, PeopleSoft, Oracle, IBM, and Control Data. He is also an Executive Chairman at Pramata LLC.

Joe Saari - Financial Fitness Group

Joe Saari

Joe Saari is the founder and Chairman of the Financial Fitness Group (FFG). A well-known thought leader, who has been featured on CNBC, CNN and Bloomberg TV, Joe brings over 20 years of experience as an academic, innovator and leader in the field of financial wellness. Joe has dedicated his career to helping individuals improve their financial well-being. Prior to starting Financial Fitness Group, Saari was a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin, and has served on the Governor’s Task Force on Financial Literacy and won numerous awards for his leadership in over 10 years of research and innovation in the field of financial well-being.


Sherri Brooke
Operations Manager

Sherri Brooke is an executive operations liaison who collaborates with key employees. As a diplomatic business professional, Sherri is determined to successfully tackle operational priorities.

Georgette Regan
Director of Marketing

Georgette Regan brings with her 15 years of experience in marketing and strategic business development. She has extensive skills in brand consulting, data analysis,  digital strategy, and content marketing that effectively drives results for B2B and B2C marketing initiatives.

Bryan Drumm
Vice President, Sales

Bryan Drumm is an accomplished business leader with over 20 years of experience in delighting customers with transformational software solutions. He is passionate about sharing innovative ideas to help clients maximize their performance through technology.

Lee Regan
Director of Product Management

Lee Regan has over 20 years of graphic design, UX/UI, development, and advertising experience. Lee has worked for Lockheed Martin building training simulators for the Navy as well as played a major creative role in advertising for brands such as Qualcomm – Mirasol, Chiquita Banana, Sunkist, and San Diego Zoo.

Kevin Rhodes
Sr. Software Developer

Kevin Rhodes is the master of the software development lifecycle. He transforms business challenges into high-quality, secure and scalable solutions while helping clients be more efficient and provide better services.

Mark Ramirez
Development Manager

Mark Ramirez joined the Financial Fitness Group with more than 16 years of project management and development production experience. Mark deploys unique and customized solutions using mind-numbing analytical skills.

Jeff Bail
Sr. User Experience Designer

Jeff Bail has an expert-level understanding of javascript and top-notch skills in all aspects of UI/front-end programming. He is an excellent programmer, architect, and leader with excellent interpersonal skills.

Kamron Robinson
Client Success Manager

Kamron possesses unparalleled customer service skills combined with excellent project management abilities. With over 15 years of exceeding client expectations, Kamron has effectively fulfilled business needs in the IT, academic, and financial fields.

Megan McLean
Marketing Coordinator

Megan McLean uses her skills in content marketing, sales, and communication strategy to bring effective marketing campaigns to life. She is passionate about collaborating and sharing ideas with others to help make a campaign the best it can be by driving results and taking on new challenges.

Justin Huelbig
Sr. Graphic Designer

Justin Huelbig is an experienced graphic designer and creative expert. An artist at heart, he is professionally trained in photography, print and digital design, typography, advertising, and brand identity. At FFG, Justin leads the creative design and execution of all corporate marketing initiatives.

Lucas Hsiong
Financial & Data Analyst

Lucas Hsiong uses his skills with finance, data analysis, and visualization to bring valuable insights to both customers and businesses alike. Adept with SQL, Excel, Python, and more, he strives to take on new challenges to transform data into something much more than a spreadsheet.

Mark Strelzin
Sales Account Executive

Mark Strelzin brings over 20 years of experience selling financial solutions, including e-learning and financial content to the largest financial institutions globally. He is an action-oriented problem-solver that is adept at building strong, authentic connections with clients and exceeding their expectations.

Mike Marcoe
Director of Content

Mike Marcoe’s passion is to communicate complex subjects simply and clearly. With 23 years of experience in writing, editing and content creation, Mike has designed financial education courses for banks, credit unions and institutional clients.

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