Financial Fitness Group

Our goal is to Educate | Engage | Empower

Financial Fitness Group has merged with iGrad product owners of Enrich. Together, we're the leading provider of interactive financial wellness solutions to financial service providers, colleges/universities, government agencies, and the most prominent companies across the nation.

Impacting Financial Literacy in America

We are pleased to announce that Aztec Software has acquired Financial Fitness Group. Aztec is a mission-driven educational software company focused on helping individuals make generational change through academic upskilling, workforce, job-specific certification preparation, wealth management, and financial literacy programming. Through this acquisition, FFG will merge with Aztec’s financial wellness subsidiary iGrad, also known as Enrich Financial Wellness.

All three companies have been in the education and financial wellness industry for decades, combining complementary businesses with a shared vision and driven approach to help educate, empower, and elevate learners for a better tomorrow. The combination of FFG and iGrad provides a more expansive offering of products and services within the financial wellness sector to serve financial organizations and advisors, businesses, colleges, non-profits, and government agencies.

Company Core Values

We are united by core values that enable us to pursue our mission with passion and purpose.


We consider sustainability to be propagative in business practices. We believe that everyone should be held accountable for considering how business functions can sustain and promote a clean planet.


We believe collaboration is critical to our work environment and overall customer satisfaction. We utilize every person in our team and from each department to achieve our corporate objectives.


We believe that by holding our business practices accountable to regulation and contractual standards our company can bring unparalleled financial education to all of our clients.

Inclusion & Diversity

We recognize and embrace social differences. We believe it is important to embrace diversity and inclusion both within our own culture, policies, and procedures and within the organizations and individuals we hire, partner with, and, most importantly, serve.


We are committed to providing a consistent, positive, and personalized client experience for all our clients. Our goal is to be transparent with our product and reactive to the ever-changing IT world.


We aim to maintain laws, government mandates, and contracts while promoting our values. In all business activities, we act with integrity to deliver dynamic financial software for every client.


We empower an environment of respect to overcome our difference to produce dynamic products through exemplary service that aims to impact a cornucopia of groups.


Respect and support human rights both within our policies and procedures, and within the individuals and organizations we collaborate with and serve.

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