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We're the leading provider of interactive financial wellness to financial service providers, government agencies, and the most prominent companies across the nation.

Impacting Financial Literacy in America

Financial Fitness Group is an enterprise software company that provides financial education solutions designed to maximize user engagement. Our financial wellness platform is proven to engage users of all backgrounds, from investors to employees. Financial Fitness Group is a leading provider of interactive financial wellness for financial service providers, banks, credit unions, advisors, government agencies, and the largest 500 companies across the nation.

Financial Fitness Group developed the industry standard for a financial wellness score - a massive library of FINRA compliant financial education content and a modular, learning platform to create confident learners. For over 20 years, we’ve been assessing, scoring, and educating our clients’ target audiences–thereby driving real behavior change–through our financial education platform.

Our Mission

To create interactive financial wellness experiences that enrich lives by making learning personal, easy, effective, and fun.

Company Core Values

We are united by core values that enable us to pursue our mission with passion and purpose.


Financial Fitness Group considers sustainability a propagative in business practices. We believe that everyone should be held accountable for considering how business functions can sustain and promote a clean planet.


We believe collaboration is critical to our work environment and overall customer satisfaction. We utilize every person in our team and from each department to achieve our corporate objectives.


We believe that by holding our business practices accountable to regulation and contractual standards our company can bring unparalleled financial education to all of our clients.

Inclusion & Diversity

We recognize and embrace social differences. We believe it is important to embrace diversity and inclusion both within our own culture, policies, and procedures and within the organizations and individuals we hire, partner with, and, most importantly, serve.


We are committed to providing a consistent, positive, and personalized client experience for all our clients. Our goal is to be transparent with our product and reactive to the ever-changing IT world.


We aim to maintain laws, government mandates, and contracts while promoting our values. In all business activities, we act with integrity to deliver dynamic financial software for every client.


We empower an environment of respect to overcome our difference to produce dynamic products through exemplary service that aims to impact a cornucopia of groups.


Respect and support human rights both within our policies and procedures, and within the individuals and organizations we collaborate with and serve.

Meet our Team

Patrick Quirk

Patrick D. Quirk
Executive Chairman

Patrick D. Quirk is the Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors at Financial Fitness Group and a proven software executive with more than 30 years of experience in enterprise software, research and development, marketing and sales, and global operations. He has been a CEO for Emptoris (acquired by IBM), Achievers, and Vendavo. Quirk has also been a global executive at GoldenGate Software, PeopleSoft, Oracle, IBM, and Control Data. He is also an Executive Chairman at Pramata LLC.

Joe Saari - Financial Fitness Group

Joe Saari

Joe Saari is the founder and Chairman of the Financial Fitness Group (FFG). A well-known thought leader, who has been featured on CNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg TV, Joe brings over 20 years of experience as an academic and leader in the field of financial wellness. Prior to starting Financial Fitness Group, Saari was a faculty member at the University of Wisconsin and has served on the Governor’s Task Force on Financial Literacy, winning numerous awards for his leadership in research and innovation in the field of financial well-being.


Sherri Brooke
Operations Manager

Sherri Brooke is an executive operations liaison who collaborates with key employees. As a diplomatic business professional, Sherri is determined to successfully tackle operational priorities.

Georgette Regan
Assistant Vice President Marketing

Georgette Regan brings over 15 years of experience in marketing and strategic business development. She has a strong background and direct experience in revenue strategy and operations management. Georgette has extensive skills in brand consulting, data analysis, digital strategy, and content marketing that effectively drives results for B2B and B2C marketing initiatives. She has a proven track record of driving successful marketing initiatives within the business start-up, software/technology, and financial services industry.

Bryan Drumm
Vice President of Sales

Bryan Drumm is an accomplished business leader with over 20 years of experience in delighting customers with transformational software solutions. He is passionate about sharing innovative ideas to help clients maximize their performance through technology.

Lee Regan
Director of Product Management

Lee Regan has over 20 years of product development, graphic design, UX/UI, and advertising experience. He leads Product Development at Financial Fitness Group, working closely with financial service firms to create financial education experiences. Lee has worked with such large companies as Lockheed Martin building training simulators for the US Navy as well as played a major creative role in branding products lines such as Qualcomm – Mirasol. Lee spent 3 years before arriving at Financial Fitness Group as a Public speaker with Google traveling the country for the Google Partner program.

Kevin Rhodes
Sr. Application Architect

Kevin Rhodes is the master of the software development lifecycle. He transforms business challenges into high-quality, secure and scalable solutions while helping clients be more efficient and provide better services.

Mark Ramirez
Director of Client Experience & Integrations

Mark Ramirez joined the Financial Fitness Group with more than 16 years of project management and development production experience. Mark deploys unique and customized solutions using mind-numbing analytical skills.

Jeff Bail
Sr. Application Developer

Jeff Bail has an expert-level understanding of javascript and top-notch skills in all aspects of UI/front-end programming. He is an excellent programmer, architect, and leader with excellent interpersonal skills.

Mike Marcoe
Director of Content

Mike Marcoe’s passion is to communicate complex subjects simply and clearly. A seasoned senior content writer, Mike has 23 years of experience in writing, editing, and content creation. Mike leads the content development at Financial Fitness Group and has designed financial education courses for government agencies, banks, credit unions, and institutional clients.

Lucas Hsiong
Sr. Financial & Data Analyst

Lucas Hsiong is FFG's Senior Financial and Data analyst and leads the Data and Financial Analyst team. He uses his skills in finance, data analysis, and visualization to bring valuable insights to both customers and businesses alike. Adept with SQL, Excel, Python, and more, he strives to take on new challenges to transform data into something much more than a spreadsheet.

Justin Huelbig
Sr. Graphic Designer

Justin Huelbig is an experienced graphic designer and creative expert. An artist at heart, he is professionally trained in photography, print and digital design, typography, advertising, and brand identity. At FFG, Justin leads the creative design and execution of all corporate marketing initiatives. He also works closely with the Product Development team as the senior data visualization designer on the production of the Financial Communications product line.

Sara Bashiri
Digital Marketing Specialist

Sara Bashiri processes a strong foundation in digital marketing and finance. She is passionate about emerging global business environments and has a fundamental understanding of international marketing. Sara has extensive experience enhancing engagement, traffic, and brand recognition through strategic marketing initiatives.

Sanjay Sampat
Financial and Data Analyst

A recent graduate from UC San Diego with a degree in Mathematics, Economics, and Data Science, Sanjay works with the development team at Financial Fitness Group. Utilizing PostGRE SQL he provides valuable insights and ensures up-to-date reporting and analytics for the Financial Fitness Platform and Financial Communications data library. Sanjay excels in PostgreSQL, financial analysis, financial reporting, and data analysis.

Kamron Robinson
Client Success Manager

Kamron possesses unparalleled customer service skills combined with excellent project management abilities. With over 15 years of exceeding client expectations, Kamron has effectively fulfilled business needs in the IT, academic, and financial fields.

Mark Strelzin
Sales Account Executive

Mark Strelzin brings over 20 years of experience selling financial solutions, including e-learning and financial content to the largest financial institutions globally. He is an action-oriented problem-solver that is adept at building strong, authentic connections with clients and exceeding their expectations.

William Weyers
Account Executive / Program Consultant

William "Bill" Weyers is an accomplished business professional with over 25 years of experience in developing solutions for the insurance and employee benefits industry's strategic growth needs. He brings a diverse perspective based on his experience working for a carrier, broker consultant, and TPA in large and small group markets, including health care reform environments.

Brad Tate
Business Development Representative

Brad Tate leverages 4+ years of experience driving project completion, success in business development, and sales strategy for Regional Banks and Real Estate Consultants. He demonstrates strong professional acumen by supporting organizational goals and processes to maximize business value. Brad understands business challenges and possesses significant CRM interface experience.

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