For Over 20 Yearswe’ve helped financial providers, employers, and government agencies measure and improve financial aptitude, behavior & confidence

Why Financial Education?


Over 20 years of research shows 80% of Americans live paycheck-to-paycheck and lack sufficient savings to pay for emergencies.


Leveraging digital technology, these programs deliver to a large number of participants at a low marginal cost.


The correlation between financial literacy and behavior is becoming more prominent in today’s digital world. Its effects reach far beyond consumers to financial institutions and the consumers they serve.


The flexibility and convenience of online delivery mean more users can participate. It provides privacy and a personal, customizable experience.

Financial Education Platform

Engaging Financial Wellness Solutions

Financial Fitness Group provides unbiased online, interactive tools that teach participants how to increase their financial knowledge and standings. Our Financial Fitness Platform is a collection of feature sets that can be easily set up and designed to fit your organization's unique needs.

Our Financial Fitness Platform Can Help You
Identify & Serve Every Financial Journey.

Financial Fitness SCORE™

Our proprietary Financial Fitness SCORE™ is the only research and academic-based financial checkup in the financial wellness market. It provides organizations with over 20 million data points to benchmark participants' aptitude, behavior, and confidence. 

FINRA Reviewed Content Library

We offer the largest FINRA-reviewed financial content library in the industry. It consists of more than 15,000 individual learning objects to select from that engage, assess, and connect individuals to specific financial activities. Our financial wellness content is in English and Spanish and includes tutorials, articles, videos, quizzes, and more.

Powerful Customizable Platform

The Financial Fitness Platform tracks participant progress, suggests relevant coursework, and keeps learners motivated through personalized user experience. It is a customizable platform that can include a combination of features to fit your organization's unique needs. 

Morningstar Financial Presentations & Charts

Our Financial Communications solutions offer industry-tested financial concepts in a variety of convenient formats that assist financial service providers in growing their businesses. Our financial illustrations and presentation materials, including the Andex® Chart and SBBI, are branded and backed 100% by Morningstar data. They enhance any marketing initiative, highlight the strengths of specific investments, educate existing customers, and add credibility to communications. To purchase a pre-printed Andex Wall Chart click here.

Thought Leadership & Collaboration with the Nations Most Forward Thinking Institutions

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Financial Wellness Solutions for Every Industry

Our Financial Wellness Solutions provide unbiased online, interactive tools that teach individuals how to boost their financial knowledge and standings while providing organizations with a 3 to 1 Return on Investment. The use of technology, psychology, competition, and fun has become a proven formula for financial wellness success.

Financial Services Institutions

In today’s crowded marketplace of digital engagement, those in the financial services industry need to differentiate themselves. Our platform empowers organizations to attract, build, and cultivate deeper relationships with their clients.

Government Agencies

Financial wellness can be a significant benefit for both government agencies, the systems they serve, and especially for public sector employees. Financial challenges can affect a worker’s health, workplace effectiveness, long-term financial stability and ultimately, your bottom line.

Employers & Employee Benefit Providers

We serve employers of all sizes and across all industries. Utilizing our online financial wellness platform gives you the unique ability to engage, benchmark, educate and drive action from your entire workforce.