The Save4Later Program was created in the partnership of The Financial Fitness Group and the Iowa Insurance Division to help State of Iowa employees learn more about their financial knowledge regarding retirement, saving, creating a financial roadmap, and much more.

The program is created to be flexible and fit a user’s daily life and be interactive to the user to participate in quizzes, articles, calculators, videos, and more features. In addition, the platform is free for all State of Iowa employees, where they can participate in over 400 courses provided to them through The Financial Fitness Group.

Watch this video here where State of Iowa employee Eric Preuss, Iowa Department of Public Health Program Manager, discusses his experience with the Save4Later Program and how increasing his financial literacy helped him and his wife retire.

“There is some real good rock-solid tools in place here, so I see it as a valuable resource going forward. If I’ve got a question, it’s an easy place to go to for information. Save4Later is a good place to start (for retirement),” said Preuss. The Iowa Insurance Division Commissioner, Doug Ommen, also shares his thoughts on the Save4Later program and is grateful that the State of Iowa can offer this program to its employees.

“It’s a program that is designed to give people information as they plan for retirement, it’s unbiased, it’s available through state resources. So for individuals looking to retire are getting good, quality information,” said Ommen.

Learn more about the Save4Later program here.