During these times, it’s hard not to think about financial issues and what is to come. Joe Saari, founder and chairman of Financial Fitness Group, and Jeanne Wells of Straight Talk on Iowa Catholic Radio chat about financial health in unhealthy times. Joe and Jeanne also discuss the Iowa Financial Fitness Challenge and how it provides financial education to organizations in Iowa.

According to Jeanne Wells, 53% of Iowans feel as if they are in decent shape with their finances, which is slightly higher than the national average. But, 17% of Iowans have low financial well-being, which is from their income that is at or below the poverty level. Joe shares more information about why the Iowa Financial Fitness Challenge is an excellent opportunity for all Iowans to improve their relationship with money, whether they feel decent about this relationship or want to improve it.

The Iowa Financial Fitness Challenge kicks off September 9, 2020, and is available to organizations in the state of Iowa at no cost. The program is a financial wellness platform that provides interactive, unbiased education for Iowans, including over 400 interactive courses with new COVID-19 content and recommended courses to fit an individual’s economic lifestyle.

Listen to the full episode of Straight Talk: Financial Health in Unhealthy Times featuring Joe Saari here.