Financial Fitness Group is happy to announce we are one of the top 12 Financial Wellness Companies on ShortlisterWe are excited to be ranked on this list, alongside the other programs, as of July 2020. Q3 is in full swing, and we are thrilled to see what is to come in Q4. Below list the top 12 financial companies presented in the order found on Shortlister. For the full list of programs, click here. 

  1. My Secure Advantage
  2. LearnLux
  3. Your Money Line powered by Pete the Planner®
  4. Best Money Moves LLC
  5. ENRICH™ Financial Wellness
  6. Financial Fitness Group
  7. Pro Financial Health
  8. SmartDollar
  9. Ernst & Young, LLP
  10. FinFit
  11. SoFi
  12. Sqwire, LLC