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Financial Fitness SCORE™

The effective way to measure Financial Wellness, our proprietary SCORE™ is the only research and academic-based assessment in the financial wellness market. It provides organizations with over 20 million data points to benchmark participants' aptitude, behavior, and confidence regarding their personal finances.


Financial Fitness Content

Our content library has over 15,000 pieces of content that engage, assess, and connect the individual to financial activities. We have tutorials, audio courses, animated videos, and bilingual courses covering topics for every financial level. Our content is offered in both English and Spanish.


Financial Fitness Platform

The Financial Fitness platform is our solution to generating more educated investors and employees. Users of this powerful e-learning solution consistently demonstrate significant improvement in their financial knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors, leading to more confident and engaged learners.


Financial Fitness COACH™

A variety of methodologies have been used to reduce stress and alleviate the losses associated with it but without optimal effect. The Financial Fitness COACH™ program provides a new blended approach to help improve the financial fitness of the American workforce.

Case Studies


Real Progress and Pathways to Prosperity (RP3)

This case study provides an overview of how a group of Credit Unions leveraged best practices in online learning, behavioral economics, and the spirit of competition to reach their goal of empowering employees to learn the language of money. The goal was to examine the effect of workplace-based financial education on retirement savings by conducting a randomized field study of employees at 45 credit unions, with those in the intervention group given access to a 10-unit online financial education course.


Navigating Clients through Uncertain Times.

Demand for financial education has surged in recent weeks. The sharp economic fallout from COVID-19 has adversely affected the likes of both individuals and businesses. With market volatility levels reaching highs not seen since the Great Recession and the Dow Jones falling more than 10,000 points from its recent peak, investors from all over the world are unsure of what to do with their money.  In this case study, we gathered various usage statistics from our platform over two time periods, February 1st–March 15th, and March 16th–April 30th, to dig into how COVID-19 has affected the volume and type of information that investors seek.


Ameriprise Financial - Financial Fitness Resources Delivers Powerful Results

Since 2017, Ameriprise Financial and Financial Fitness Group have partnered to provide successful financial education tools and resources to large employers and employees. In 30 months, up to 12 large employers and over 20,000 employees participated in improving financial education and creating confidence to take action with advisors and Financial Fitness COACH™.



Large Insurance Company Drives 5,000 New Leads and 11,000 New Customers With Financial Education

Financial service companies might be wise to take a page out of the playbook of one of America’s most respected companies, Large Insurance Company (“LICO”), which places an emphasis on financial education for its employees and customers.


UnityPoint Health Launches Financial Fitness Challenge

UnityPoint Health and the Financial Fitness Group partnered to create a holistic financial wellness platform to provide all UnityPoint Health employees and associates the opportunity to access financial wellness through their employee benefits. UnityPoint prioritized financial wellness at their organization to give employees the knowledge to make financially sound decisions. They focused on taking a comprehensive approach towards employee well-being within their overall benefits offerings.


Financial Fitness Group Partners with the Iowa Insurance Division to launch Statewide Financial Literacy Program

The Iowa Financial Fitness Challenge is an event-driven wellness program that provides interactive, practical, unbiased online instruction in personal finance and investing fundamentals. Over the last 10 years, Financial Fitness Group in conjunction with the Iowa Insurance Division has educated 100,000 individual consumers through the Iowa Financial Fitness Challenge. Through this unique program, participants were able to increase their financial knowledge by 30% and change behaviors like creating a spending plan, saving more for retirement, and utilizing benefits better.



How to Calculate the ROI of a Financial Fitness Program and Combat Employee Stress

Employers are starting to recognize the benefits of offering workplace-based financial wellness programs. Download the white paper for a deeper dive into calculating the ROI of a FInancial Wellness Program.


The Economic Ramifications of Financial Stress: How Financial Wellness Benefits Boost the Bottom Line

Employees who want to retire but are financially unable to do so cost businesses. These costs include lower productivity, higher health care costs, and higher payroll expenses. Download the white paper to learn more about how financial wellness can impact your bottom line.


Financial and Behavioral Trends of Generation Z

While Millennials have been in the spotlight for quite some time, the demographic group following this generation is making quick jumps to the front. The two generations have a lot of similarities, but understanding their differences, especially finances, is crucial to preparing your business and shifting your business strategy to stay relevant for the future.


Financial and Behavioral Trends of the Millennial Generation

The key differentiator between Millennials and other generations is Millennials are individualistic, pushing aside societal norms and boundaries created by the other generations. As the largest living generation, it's crucial to understand their behavioral trends to measure and prepare for the impact they will have on the financial services industry.


Wealth Transfer: Challenges for Traditional Banks and Alternative Solutions for Millennials

Over the next 30 years, it is estimated that $30 trillion of wealth will transfer from the Baby Boomer generation to Generation Xers and Millennials. According to the consulting firm Accenture, Baby Boomers have already started passing along their assets to their heirs. That poses the question, in today’s digital age, are traditional financial institutions armed with the tools and knowledge required to retain the business of Millenials? Download the white paper to read more.


Iowa Financial Fitness Challenge

The Iowa Financial Fitness Challenge is an event-driven wellness program that provides interactive, practical, unbiased online instruction in personal finance and investing fundamentals. With the ability to have over $250,000 in grant funding, in partnership with the Iowa Insurance Division, Financial Fitness Group can provide financial literacy to every Iowan. Learn more about the program by downloading the white paper. 



Financial Fitness SCORE™ - Impact

Financial wellness scores can measure many factors which include transactional activity, knowledge, capacity and emotional impact. Life stages can impact and skew variances in these scores. Additionally, various cultures perceive the financial industry and their relationship to money in different ways. This infographic compares different users of all backgrounds and how SCORE™ has impacted them.


Financial Fitness - Get the Facts

For over 20 years, we've been assessing, scoring, educating and driving real behavior change in financial consumers across the United States. Financial Fitness exists to make this correlation a positive one - for every consumer and organization that financial literacy impacts. Download this infographic to learn about the benefits of Financial Wellness.

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