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We've been teaching individuals the language of money for over 20 years.

Financial Wellness for Government Agencies

We provide scalable, customized financial education tools to aid with workforce vitality. Our products help people navigate through the complicated language of money to gain freedom from constant financial stress.

of the workforce is living paycheck to paycheck


of those employees stressing about finances at work at least 3 hours per week.


of the retiring workforce are worried about having enough money to retire


of US household have credit card debt owing $16,000 on average

Take the Next Step to Get Your Workforce Financially Fit!

In a time when workplace culture and wellness are more important than ever, allowing employees to gain control over their financial futures will provide the ultimate results for employee recruitment, retention, and happiness.

Combine Our Financial Fitness Features to Identify & Serve Every Financial Journey

Our robust financial education library allows users to build up their financial fitness score in a fun, engaging manner using a foundation of over 15,000 learning objects that each user can select from. We offer over 2 million data points to cross-check each user's progress and engagement through real-time analytics.



Leading the market with the largest financial education library, we host a robust suite of more than 15,000 learning objects, including tutorials, articles, videos, calculators, and interactive quizzes.


Our proprietary Financial Fitness Assessment benchmarks an individual's overall financial wellness with a Financial Fitness SCORE™ to understand how financially fit they are.


Our powerful Financial Fitness platform recommends learning topics and tracks user progress to reward them for course completion - making learning effective, easy, and fun.

What’s Your Financial Fitness SCORE™?

The key to Financial Fitness starts with the basics. Where do you rank?

Take our Mock Checkup to get your Financial Fitness SCORE™!

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