FFG Adds Two New Courses for 2023

At the intersection of convenience and cutting-edge technology lies the world of mobile payments, and we’re thrilled to announce our brand-new course offerings that will empower you to navigate this dynamic landscape with confidence. In response to the evolving demands of the digital age, we’ve crafted two comprehensive courses that will equip you with the […]

Unlocking Credit Union Success in a High-Interest, Volatile Financial Landscape: Thriving Amid Today’s Challenges

In today’s volatile financial landscape, characterized by soaring interest rates and economic uncertainty, credit unions face a significant challenge: providing their members with the best possible financial solutions while staying competitive. This challenge extends beyond conventional banking services; it’s about equipping members with the tools and knowledge necessary to navigate the high-interest rate environment successfully. […]

Empowering Financial Resilience: Credit Union Tools for Rising Interest Rates 

In today’s dynamic financial landscape, rising interest rates loom, potentially affecting every aspect of your financial life. From mortgages to credit cards, and savings accounts to investments, interest rates play a pivotal role in your financial well-being. Thankfully, credit unions go beyond being just financial institutions: they serve as steadfast allies, providing their members with […]

Empowering Financial Wellness: How Banks Must Champion the Financial Health of Customers and Employees   

In an increasingly complex and interconnected world, the significance of financial wellness has taken center stage. Today, more than ever, individuals seek stability, resilience, and confidence in managing their financial lives. As custodians of the financial ecosystem, banks are responsible for promoting and prioritizing financial wellness for their customers and valued employees.This blog post will […]

Understanding Financial Well-Being: A Pathway to Overall Happiness and Success

As we embark on our summer series, we will delve into the benefits of financial wellness and the profound correlation it shares with happiness and success. In today’s fast-paced world, achieving financial well-being is a goal that goes beyond mere wealth accumulation. It encompasses security, stability, and effective management of our financial affairs. Beyond its […]

With Help from Financial Fitness Group’s Vast Library of Content, GuidedChoice’s “Financial Advisor in Your Pocket” Puts Individuals on the Road to Financial Freedom 

GuidedChoice’s innovative approach to leveraging technology to provide a financial advisor in your pocket through its 3Nickels app, combined with Financial Fitness Group’s Financial Fitness platform, provides a holistic approach to improving a user’s overall financial wellness. We recently spoke to GuidedChoice about the rollout of the 3Nickels app to showcase our collaboration.   The Challenge: Why […]

Ho-Chunk Nation Wins 2022 Governor’s Financial Literacy Award

Financial Fitness Group is incredibly proud of our client, the Ho-Chunk Nation, who was honored by Gov. Tony Evers as a recipient of the 2022 Governor’s Financial Literacy Awards in a ceremony at the Wisconsin State Capitol.They were honored for their efforts in helping Wisconsinites build their financial literacy.    The 2022 Governor’s Financial Literacy […]