On September 11th at 9:45 am our own Joe Saari of Financial Fitness Group will be at the NAGDCA Conference in New Orleans, LA. As a moderator, Joe will be presenting and conversing on the topic of financial wellness with panelists, Kenje Mallot, Alight Solutions, Jen Harmer, Lincoln Financial Group, and Polly Scott, Wyoming Retirement Systems. 

The Answers to Financial Wellness

Often there are many questions about financial wellness, but knowing where to look is difficult, Joe and the panel will be sitting down to help you find those answers. The group will be speaking on topics such as how you can create, or better, your financial wellness plan. The group will also present different case studies of real-world applications sharing the impact of financial wellness.

Topics to be covered:
  • Defining Financial wellness
  • Programs being offered by employers and how they impact employees
  • Benefits of employers financial guidance

The Need for Financial Wellness Awareness

Historically, wellness was comprised solely of physical health. Plan sponsors focused on helping employees improve their physical numbers (i.e., blood pressure, glucose, and cholesterol). Today, a more holistic approach to wellness exists which includes financial health. For many, money is the most significant stress in their lives and impacts every part of their health; mind, body, and spirit. Plan sponsors and recordkeepers are now striving to focus on employees’ overall financial health through measures such as targeted communication campaigns and offering financial wellness scores.

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