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Financial Fitness Group provides unbiased online, interactive tools that teach participants how to increase their financial knowledge and standings. Our Financial Fitness ACADEMY™ is an integrated modular platform, easy to set up and designed to fit each organization's needs. Through 20 years of research and data collection, we've proven that technology, psychology, competition, and fun is a formula for financial wellness success.

15,000+ Content

We offer the largest FINRA compliant financial education library in the industry.

Proven Software

Modular and actionable, our platform can be customized and branded.

20M Data Points

Our Financial Fitness SCORE™ offers 20 million user data points on users aptitude, behavior and confidence.

Simple Integration

Single sign-on and application programming integrations allow for easy integration.


Financial Fitness SCORE™

Our proprietary Financial Fitness SCORE™ is the only research and academic-based assessment in the financial wellness market. Users take the initial Financial Fitness Assessment to generate a SCORE™ similar to that of a credit score.

The Financial Fitness SCORE™ is formulated by collecting millions of data points about the three key components of financial health, or the “A,B,C’s” of financial well-being: Aptitude, Behavior, and Confidence. It leverages questions from the Financial Well-Being Scale and retains a license to manage its central databank, giving Financial Fitness Group access to valuable data to further refine SCORE™.

Largest Library of FINRA Compliant Content

We offer the largest FINRA Compliant financial education library in the industry with over 15,000 pieces of content in both English and Spanish. Academic and research-based, our content is continuously kept up to date.

FINRA Compliant Courses

  • Over 15,000 pieces of FINRA Compliant content

Interactive Activities

  • Financial Calculators
  • Personalized Forms

Multimedia Courses

  • Bilingual Courses
  • Audio Courses
  • Animated Videos


  • National Financial Fitness Index
  • Progress Assessments
Financial Fitness Group - Financial Wellness Platform

Financial Fitness Platform

Our Financial Fitness Platform generates more educated clients and employees for organizations of all sizes. The platform offers engaging and unbiased independent FINRA compliant content for beginner to advance levels. It tracks user progress and rewards participants for course completion with certificates, points, and badges. The platform reports metrics on knowledge and behavior changes to show the impact on a participant's performance.

The all-in-one platform comes with:

  • Quizzes and Financial Assessments
  • Selection of FINRA Compliant Financial Content
  • Gamification; Levels, Badges, and Points
  • Interactive Calculators
  • Branding & White labeling
  • User Surveys
  • Security & Privacy
  • Data & Analytics Reporting

Morningstar Financial Fitness Solutions

Our Financial Communications solutions offer industry-tested financial concepts in a variety of convenient formats that assist financial service providers in growing their businesses.

Our financial illustrations and presentation materials, including our premium charts the Morningstar Andex® Chart, and Ibbotson® SBBI, are branded and backed 100% by Morningstar data. They enhance any marketing initiative, highlight the strengths of specific investments, educate existing customers, and add credibility to communications. 


“Average users showed up to a 25% improvement in knowledge and 40% increase in retirement savings compared to the control group”

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