On Wednesday, December 2, 2020, Joe Saari, founder and chairman of the Financial Fitness Group, was invited on behalf of CUNA Mutual Group to speak on a webinar for the Credit Unions Executive Society. Joe spoke on the growing relevancy of financial fitness for credit unions.

In the webinar, Joe shares helpful information informing webinar viewers about the financial stresses Americans have, the financial stress employers have upon their company and employees, why financial fitness programs are important, and the benchmarking of financial health.

“Now more than ever we understand that financial literacy and helping people be prepared for the unexpected will be really important, and credit unions have a huge role in that, we believe,” says Joe.

Joe also shares some case studies and examples where the audience can see results five times the better engagement of platforms like Financial Fitness Academy and up to 70% better aptitude, behavior, and confidence with employees. Seeing the increased use of budgets, financial planning, retirement savings, and use of benefits was shown clearly. Additionally, there were decreased amounts of debt in these examples, fewer late fees, and less financial stress.

In this webinar, Joe also mentions how the audience can understand how to improve financial fitness, along with increasing engagement and satisfaction, as well as learning how to leverage best practices from award-winning research by boosting retirement savings, budgeting, and more.

Click here to watch the webinar and learn more about the relevance of financial fitness and how it’s becoming more apparent for credit unions.