New Alliance Promotes Financial Wellness of the American Workforce Through GuidedChoice’s 3Nickels App

Reno, NV – July 14, 2022 – GuidedChoice and its personal financial advice app, 3Nickels, is pleased to announce it has partnered with Financial Fitness Group, the leading provider of FINRA-compliant financial education content, in an effort to improve the financial wellness of the American workforce.

GuidedChoice’s innovative approach to leveraging technology to provide a financial advisor in your pocket through its 3Nickels app, combined with Financial Fitness Group’s Financial Fitness Platform, will provide a holistic approach to improve a user’s overall financial wellness.

Financial Fitness Group has worked with thousands of organizations and four million individuals to improve their financial aptitude by up to 70% by leveraging game mechanics and engaging content to make the complex simple. This partnership will help to eliminate mental roadblocks to make learning about finances easy, effective, and fun.

The new 3Nickels financial wellness application is a first of its kind, as it will allow users to address all of life’s key financial decisions by populating a detailed plan to link their financial accounts and goals seamlessly. Users will be able to keep better track of their finances and get customized advice on how to improve their budgeting skills and prioritize financial decisions.

“As an independent and unbiased financial education company, we are excited to partner with GuidedChoice to offer financial literacy content through their 3Nickels app,” said Joe Saari, founder, and chairman of Financial Fitness Group. “GuidedChoice is a leader in the market of providing an independent and agnostic advisor in your pocket. Our goal through this partnership is to provide unbiased and independent financial education on how investors can use their wallets wisely at no cost to them.”

“We are very excited to partner with Financial Fitness Group,” said Louis Van Zijl, president and COO of GuidedChoice. “This enhancement to our 3Nickels app will bring even more depth to our users, who are looking to address all of life’s key financial decisions by populating an even more detailed plan.”

Founded over 20 years ago, GuidedChoice is the first firm to provide managed account services for participants in defined-contribution plans. The company’s “advisor-friendly approach” began with the power of online technology, providing a number of services. Last year, GuidedChoice launched 3Nickels to offer financial advice services to help individuals and families work toward financial freedom in a robust and easy way.

About Financial Fitness Group (FFG)

Financial Fitness Group (FFG) is one of the nation’s leading providers of interactive financial wellness for financial service providers, banks, credit unions, advisors, government agencies, and the largest companies across the nation. Our financial wellness platform is proven to engage users of all backgrounds, from investors to employees. For over 20 years, we have assessed and educated over 4 million individuals at thousands of organizations to drive real behavior change through our financial education platform. For more information, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, and visit us at

About GuidedChoice

GuidedChoice provides retirement wellness solutions. They use a rigorous methodology to provide personalized, prudent, and actionable advice for retirement. Their services can be customized and scaled for the simplest to even the most complex plan designs, whether private, public, large, or small. GuidedChoice has helped recordkeepers and advisors scale, and participants become retirement ready and improve plan health, for over 20 years. In 2021, GuidedChoice added total financial wellness solutions through 3Nickels, a financial advisory app that helps individuals and families work toward financial freedom. For more information, visit