Updating Financial Communications Library to Comply with IA Rule

The Securities and Exchange Commission is enforcing a recently adopted set of rules that cover investment adviser marketing (the IA rule). Regarding the “marketing rule,” (§ 275.206(4)-1), Financial Fitness Group has made specific updates to our existing Financial Communication library,  which includes 18 presentations and 200 individual images, to comply with the new requirements. In […]

Financial Fitness Group Is Selected As A Top Shortlister Vendor For Q1 2023

We’re ringing in the new year with a new achievement! Financial Fitness Group is honored to be selected by Shortlister as a Top Vendor for Q1 2023 for the following categories: – Financial Coaching – Financial Education Services – Financial Wellness Programs Thank you to Shortlister for recognizing us and our fantastic team and clients who helped us achieve this!

Financial Fitness Group Announces Content Updates for 2023

Financial Fitness Group’s director of content, Mike Marcoe, reviews and updates the classroom content in our FINRA-compliant library every autumn. Our mission is to provide content that is up to date and current with all government regulations. To ring in the new year, we publish the updates every January. Let’s start 2023 with updated content […]

Tax Issues of Charitable Giving

‘Tis better to give than to receive but getting a big fat tax deduction is no bad thing. The festive spirit of giving is more attractive when Uncle Sam cuts you some slack on your income tax return. BUT in order to take a deduction for a charitable donation, you must itemize all your deductions using Schedule A of your tax return. If you take the standard […]

That’s a Wrap SPARK Forum 2022

That’s a wrap! The SPARK Institute, Inc. Forum 2022 was a hit! Our Director of Product Education, Lee Regan, was a part of an insightful panel: “Financial Wellness — Beyond Education,” where he was joined by fellow guest speakers and industry experts Kara Melber of Corporate Insight, Howard Manzon of TIAA, and David Stedman of […]

Why veterans should establish an emergency fund after returning to civilian life

Financial literacy is essential to reintegrating military members into society. After many years away from civilian life, you might miss the opportunity to put your finances in order.  According to a survey by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), veterans are almost twice as likely to have recurring debt (58%) than civilians (34%), and 55% of veterans believe […]

‘Tis the Season to Give Charitably! 

We have an exciting course announcement. In 2022, we have continued to expand our robust library. In honor of the season of sharing, we have published a new course entitled “Charitable Giving.”   Charitable giving refers to the giving of money, trusts, or property to a charity. This type of giving is encouraged by the government […]

Next Year Will Bring a Big Jump in Retirement Plan Contribution Limits 

Who said inflation didn’t have any perks! This is one of them: according to the IRS, you can now sock away a much larger amount of money to your retirement plan. Whether you have a 401k, an IRA, or another plan, the IRS’s cost-of-living adjustments resulted in noticeably higher contribution limits for 2023.   Inflation is […]

Savvy Ladies partners with Financial Fitness Group to launch its Financial Knowledge Program of Courses, furthering its Mission to Empower Women Through Free Financial Education

NEW YORK, NY – October 25, 2022 – Savvy Ladies, a nationally recognized non-profit organization championing financial literacy and supporting free financial education for women, is launching the Savvy LadiesⓇ Financial Knowledge Program. This new educational program of free financial courses is in partnership with the Financial Fitness Group, developers of industry-leading interactive financial wellness […]