Insights on Big Data in 2020 for the Financial Services Industry

“Big Data” collects and analyzes large and complex sets of data. According to IBM, in 2015, 90% of data has been created in the last two years. The financial services industry utilizes the most data in the global economy. This data comes from banks entering large amounts of consumer data daily, including general transactions, ATM transactions, and more. […]

Holiday Spending During the Coronavirus

The holiday season is right around the corner. Spending during this time of year is something to prepare for and to have a budgeting plan in place. But this budget may look slightly different this year. With Coronavirus cases peaking, various industries may be thriving in their sales growth over the past few months, or […]

Financial Insecurity in America

Amidst COVID-19 still being a massive problem in America; financial insecurity is at an all-time high. 80% of Americans believe financial insecurity is a significant problem. With business closures and layoffs still heavily occurring, financial insecurity is only natural in today’s environment. 71% of American households are financially unhealthy, resulting in not being able to afford critical […]

How to Calculate the ROI of Financial Wellness Program

There is no question that financial wellness programs have many benefits for an organization and its employees. 80% of employees live paycheck to paycheck. Allowing employees to increase their financial knowledge and better prepare their finances decreases stress and increases workplace productivity. With consideration of a workplace program, companies want to know the return on […]

Lead Generation Tools for Financial Service Advisors

The growth of any business depends on generating qualified leads. It’s important to have a strategy for generating leads through different strategies for financial service advisors. While there are many strategies, personalizing what works best for each advisor. Using the multi-channel approach with different tools and resources to attract prospects will help advisors move throughout […]

Why the Financial Services Industry Needs a Better Digital Foundation

Today’s pace of innovation and constant change heavily affects the financial services industry. To meet consumer demands, financial services leaders need to implement a more significant digital foundation to stay competitive. The first step to creating a more digital foundation in a financial services firm is to adopt technology collaboration. Today, digital technology is collaborative, […]

Graeme R. Kirkland, CIM Shares the Impact The Andex® Chart Has on Educating Investors

The Andex® Chart is a robust tool sharing the historical viewpoints of market downturns and recoveries. The chart is an excellent piece to help understand investing and having the ability to explain complex financial concepts to clients and prospects from an experienced professional’s view.  Graeme R. Kirkland, CIM of Argosy Securities Inc. – Toronto is […]

Government Agencies and Employees’ Attitudes Towards Financial Wellness in 2020

With the COVID-19 outbreak continuing during these uncertain times, the virus has created many challenges to state and local government agencies and directly impacts their employees. It is essential to understand the public sector workforce’s agency’s perceptions of COVID-19 and what the short, medium and long-term impacts of the pandemic include, as well as the […]