Will ChatGPT Render Financial Advisors Obsolete?

You’ve probably heard about “ChatGPT” by now. AI models and solutions are challenging our traditional financial advice model. Aside from ChatGPT, some firms are adopting their versions of “robo-advisors.” ChatGPT for finance is even described as an industry-defying moment. Today’s generative AIs can change how we work, but how will they change the finance industry?    […]

Financial Literacy Month–How a Positive Work Environment Fosters Financial Well-Being

The connection between workplace culture and financial well-being is a two-way street. Workplace stress can impact your financial well-being and vice versa. But it’s not just a matter of whether you’re happy at work: how your employer treats you financially can significantly impact your feelings about your job. Workplace financial well-being is a huge factor […]

Here Are a Few Big Strategic Questions for Credit Union Leaders

The United States has more than 4,800 credit unions with total assets amounting to $2.14 trillion. Meanwhile, nearly 88,000 credit unions have served more than 393 million members worldwide as of 2021. With such numbers, operating credit unions is no longer a small-scale cooperative venture. Decision-makers must adequately plan and strategize to guide their organizations […]

Retirement Scams: How You Can Protect Your Money

Many types of retirement scams make consumers vulnerable. Retirement scams are often the most financially devastating frauds to retirees. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports that roughly 10% of seniors in America have been victims of financial fraud or abuse. That’s a troubling statistic when you consider that most of these crimes go unreported because […]

Why Financial Literacy Is So Important for Women

Financial literacy is critical for men and women alike. However, financial education is necessary for women to make informed decisions about their money. When it comes to women and money, there are many challenges.    Here are some facts:    Women are less likely than men to feel confident about understanding financial issues. A recent […]

Reporting Investment Income on Your Federal Tax Returns 

It’s officially tax season! Did you know that all income, whether earned from work or resulting from investments, is subject to tax reporting and taxation? Financial institutions send annual informational tax returns to the IRS and individual taxpayers showing income to the taxpayer.    To help taxpayers complete their income tax return forms, the IRS […]

2023 LAUNCH Conference – Carolinas Credit Union League Recap

Financial Fitness Group was excited to have our business development representative, Bradford Tate, represent us at this year’s Carolinas Credit Union League LAUNCH 2023 Conference. We were honored to participate in expanding our passion for connection and learning from other industry professionals. In this conference, we discussed the genuine need for financial wellness and the value FFG brings […]

In The Suite: Trailblazing and Breaking Barriers with Tricia Rothschild

Thank you, Tina Powell, for featuring our board member Tricia Rothschild. It was an exciting episode that mentioned our platform at Financial Fitness Group and all our offerings. Tricia is a trailblazer and goes into depth to discuss the evolution of fintech and women being a part of the industry.   At 37 minutes, she mentions […]