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Blended Learning with a Live Financial Fitness COACH™

More than 1,000 organizations have found the more financial knowledge their employees have, the less time they spend on the job addressing personal financial issues.

The bottom line benefits of financial education + financial fitness COACH™


40% improvement in key financial behaviors such as building a budget, saving for retirement or reviewing their insurance coverage.


20% of participants saw an increase in their sense of financial well-being or confidence.


Individuals who engaged with a COACH™ showed up to 181% improvement in their financial behaviors vs. individuals who engaged in education alone.

Why financial fitness + coaching?

A variety of methodologies have been used to reduce stress and alleviate the losses associated with it, but without optimal effect. The Financial Fitness COACH™ program provides a new blended approach to help improve the financial fitness of the American workforce. Specifically, it combines:

  • Independent, unbiased, online financial education and tools
  • Financial fitness coaching focused on supporting goal formation and attainment

More than 1,000 organizations, including Cornell University, MLB Baseball, Micron, the State of Wisconsin and Newport Group, have found the more financial knowledge their employees have, the less time spent on the job addressing personal financial issues. 

Take action now! The Financial Fitness Group’s Platform empowers organizations to Engage, Benchmark, and Change employee financial behaviors while adding to their overall bottom line.

  • Savings of up to $2,000 per employee annually
  • Individuals who engaged with a COACH™ showed up to 141% improvement in their financial confidence vs. those who did not engage

How It Works:

Participants gain access to our proprietary online Financial Fitness Assessment where they can identify their Financial Fitness SCORE™.

Based on that SCORE™, our powerful ACADEMY™ platform recommends learning topics, tracks progress and rewards users for course completion - making learning easy and fun.

The Financial Fitness COACH™ add-on program provides participants on-demand access to the level of coaching and support that only an experienced financial advisor can deliver.

“Participants who engaged with a COACH™ demonstrated 181% better improvement in their financial fitness levels, suggesting potential for up to 5X ROI to employer sponsors.

- Program Results Case Study; Financial Fitness COACH™ 

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