NEW YORK, NY – October 25, 2022 – Savvy Ladies, a nationally recognized non-profit organization championing financial literacy and supporting free financial education for women, is launching the Savvy LadiesⓇ Financial Knowledge Program. This new educational program of free financial courses is in partnership with the Financial Fitness Group, developers of industry-leading interactive financial wellness solutions for top financial service firms, government agencies, and large corporations, to bring the best-in-class courses created by industry experts, curated for Savvy Ladies.

“Our goals are similarly aligned,” states Judy Herbst, Executive Director of Savvy Ladies, “the Financial Fitness Group is a leading provider of interactive financial wellness programming and believes in the power of education to engage and empower financial well-being. We are delighted to be able to bring such a great library of courses to Savvy Ladies.”

These interactive financial courses will help women gain confidence and make informed financial decisions wherever they are on their financial journey. All courses are FINRA-compliant and are designed to create confident learners. The courses for Savvy Ladies cover the key topics and questions received on the Savvy Ladies Helpline, from budgeting, debt management, investing, and retirement; the program is designed for women to gain the knowledge and tools they need to help them build their personal finance roadmap.

Each category is introduced with a video by a Savvy Ladies Helpline Volunteer enriching the experience, inviting each client to visit the free helpline to answer a personal financial question. Learners will be able to move through the courses, making their learning personal and effective while building their financial confidence every step of the way.

“The need for financial education remains crucial as people face increasingly complex financial choices throughout their lives,” said CEO & Executive Chairman Patrick D. Quirk. “We feel our partnership with Savvy Ladies to provide personalized Financial Literacy classes for Women will positively impact and empower them to navigate their personal and unique life situations.”

FFG’s internal platform metrics show women want to learn about finances showing that women were 45% more likely to engage with the resources provided. Women are taking the initiative on their own to bridge the gender-based financial literacy gap, but they need the support of financial education resources. Savvy Ladies goal is to provide free resources to women and continue to expand and connect them through their volunteer helpline and financial education platform. A selection of courses is available in Spanish.

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About Savvy Ladies

Savvy Ladies® has helped over 25,000 women of varied backgrounds identify their goals, make proactive financial choices, and lead more rewarding lives through our unique programming. Founded in 2003, Savvy Ladies Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that brings financial planning education to women. Savvy Ladies’ free financial education programs and Helpline help women build the knowledge and confidence they need to thrive and develop a financially stable future. For more information, visit