User Administration – User Invitation

  • End User Update: Users can receive invitations to an account at a designated email address. This is a one-time-only invitation that can be used to complete registration.
  • Admin Update: End Users and Administrators can now be invited and added to an account through the User Management Dashboard in the Admin Panel.

Event Action Triggers

  • End User Update: Event Actions Triggers have now been enabled on our platform. These triggers allow the platform to send emails, award points, and communicate with external systems.
  • Admin Update: For the first release, we have enabled the awarding of points for Courses Completed (100% progress), Pre-Test Quiz Passed, and Post-Test Quiz Passed. A UI for managing action triggers is on the roadmap for Q3.

New Account Provisioning

  • End User Update: Accounts can now be created faster and more efficiently than before but overall no new changes for the end user.
  • Admin Update: FFG Provisioning Role-enabled Admins can now create new accounts in less time.

User Attributes in Exported Reports

  • End User Update: The information you entered during registration is now available for administrators inside Exported Reports from the Admin Reporting Dashboard. This is a first step towards our Q3 goal of User Profiles being editable by end users and allowing customization for profiles by Administrators.
  • Admin Update: Exported reports now contain all the user attributes collected during the registration process and, in the case of SSO, the identifiers that come over in an SSO connection. This will allow for easier identification of users in reports and create more meaningful reporting metrics. This is also the first step towards editing users’ information in their profiles, a Q3 initiative.

New Content Organization

  • End User Update: Content or new accounts has been reorganized to meet our users’ needs better. You will see a new navigation style while browsing through our content library. Content has been regrouped into three main Personal Finance, Financial Planning, and Investments collections.
  • Admin Update: Content has been regrouped into three main Personal Finance, Financial Planning, and Investments collections. CX Account Managers can help set up new Libraries, and the new experience and content groupings are the default for all new accounts starting in Q3 of 2023.

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