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Attract, Build, and Cultivate Deeper Relationships with your Clients

We help financial organizations, broker-dealers, asset managers, and advisors meet the market needs of digital engagement, technology, and personalization to attract and service new and existing clients.

Attract, Build, and Cultivate Deeper Relationships Through Personalized Financial Wellness.

Financial Fitness Group was founded on 20+ years of research on how best to engage consumers to learn about money in a digital world. We believe that an educated investor is a better client. That's why we're the leading FINRA-reviewed financial education content provider that helps thousands of advisors, financial service providers, and FinTech firms attract, build, and cultivate deeper relationships with their clients. Users of our powerful investor education solutions demonstrate significant improvement in their financial knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors, leading to more confident and engaged investors.

Our platform and approach can help organizations generate 5X better engagement, allowing them to attract, build, and cultivate prospects and customers through personalized digital advice.


Gain 5x New Leads and Transactions From Online Financial Education

Financially Educated Customers Invest 40% More 

51% of participants who engage in online education meet with a Financial Advisor

An Educated Investor is a Better Client

Financial Education Platform

For over 20 years, Financial Fitness Group has been helping consumers learn about money in a digital world while giving financial service providers the tools and content to generate 5X better results with prospects and customers. 

To fulfill the demand for online, personalized financial literacy, the Financial Fitness Group uses its data, content, and technology to educate financial consumers. Our platform enables financial service organizations and advisors to engage with clients through personalized financial wellness content to deliver personalized learning options.

FINRA-Reviewed Content

From beginner to advanced topics, we offer 15,000 individual learning objects through articles, calculators, infographics, financial charts, and video courses. Our content is reviewed by FINRA, and is SEC IA rule-compliant, and ADA-compliant, making it easy for financial service firms to use. Browse our content library options.


Financial Service Providers, Banks, and Credit Unions can cross-link certain calls-to-action from our platform to other products, resources, services, and actions you want your customers to take.

Turnkey Integration

Organizations can seamlessly integrate our financial wellness content through single sign-on or a content API, so you can customize the solution to your brand, for a complete user experience.

Analytics & Reporting

A snapshot of user progress and participation, including what topics are most accessed for product up-sell and re-marketing purposes.

Presentation & Image Library

Professionally designed financial charts and presentations with extensive co-branding and re-branding options. Access to individual charts and graphics or a full library of over 200 images and 18 FINRA-reviewed presentations.

Learn how our products can help you attract, build, and cultivate deeper relationships with your clients.

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