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Attract, Build, and Cultivate Deeper Relationships with Your Clients using Financial Education

Digital Engagement to Help You Identify & Serve Every Financial Journey

To fulfill the demand for online, personalized education, the Financial Fitness Group uses its data, content, and technology to educate financial consumers. With our platform, organizations can better engage their clients with customizable financial wellness content to deliver personalized learning options. Our solution enables financial services professionals to identify and serve every financial journey.

Gain 25x New Leads and Transactions

Increase unique visitors by 700,000 over 5 years.

Financially Educated Customers Invest 40% More

Number of new IRAs grew by 68%, and IRA deposits increased by 92%.

Realize 3x The Close Rate

Clients have generated 3x the close rate while deposits increased by 125% year after year.

Our Platform

Our financial wellness platform provides over 20 million user data points giving financial services companies the unique ability to engage, benchmark, educate and drive additional actions from clients. Combining our academic-based financial educational content with current product offerings gives financial services firms the opportunity to increase lead generation and transactions by 25 times the average rate.

The Financial Fitness Platform is our solution to generating more educated investors and employees.

Course Recommendation

The program tracks participant progress and suggests new learning tracks based on results and previous courses. Browse our content library options.


The gamification learning process is customizable. We use quizzes, tools, points and badges to keep participants engaged.

Turnkey Integration

Seamless integration through single sign-on and powerful API, customized to your brand for a complete user experience.

The Demand for Financial Education


80% of employees are living paycheck to paycheck.


Financial Services

$100B spent in client education, acquisition and retention.

(hard cost)

Lost Opportunities

3x loss of opportunities to deepen relationships.

(bottom line)

Thousands of potential clients are untapped and unengaged. We can bring them to you. Our intelligent technology, vast content and FINRA-approved lessons drive educated referrals.

Proud Partnership: Creators of the Morningstar Investing Classroom

We've partnered with Morningstar to launch the Investing Classroom™, our solution to generating more educated investors. Participants of this powerful e-learning solution consistently demonstrate significant improvement in their financial knowledge, attitudes and behaviors, leading to more confident and engaged investors.


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