It is evident that we live in an increasingly digitized world. Given the time spent engaging with technology, we have grown to rely on online services to manage our money.  Digital practices are an integral part of finance and the business world alike. Vontobel defines digital investing as “offering a comprehensive portfolio of investment solutions for private individuals, ranging from themes and trends to investment and leveraged products and broadly diversified and actively managed portfolios”. Many sectors of finance, most importantly currency, depend entirely on Internet solutions. The concept of digital investing is not one that is newfound. It is a rapidly growing market, which makes it important not to get left behind. These changes bring to question: how are you keeping up with the ever changing pace of digital technologies in investing? What’s next for the future of investing? Pre and post pandemic financial trends gravitate towards the digital world including cryptocurrencies, digital assets, ETFS  and blockchain with strong fundamentals. Blockchain and cryptocurrency are opening up new collective markets in the digital world. Digitization is an industry response to the investor demands that are being made. The competitive market structure allows digital investors higher flexibility. These innovative methods, among many, are revolutionizing financial technology. This method is conveniently, entirely self directed.  The consumers can dictate and manage their own investments in a user friendly way to their advantage. Additional benefits are increased flexibility and the desire for personalized, diverse portfolio options leading to satisfactory outcomes for the investor. The market is experiencing an overwhelming boom with upcoming trends to monitor. Millennials and Generation Z are most active in the digital generation utilizing these digital tools and holistic strategies to practice financial wellness. As we move forward, Financial Fitness Group recognizes the importance of technology investing. FFG makes it a priority to evolve and grow together with the ever changing times. We make this possible by integrating and offering digital solutions to increase customer engagement and retention.