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Our Financial Fitness SCORE™ assesses and benchmarks financial wellness, providing an in-depth global Financial Fitness Report.

What is the Financial Fitness SCORE™?

Our proprietary Financial Fitness Checkup and SCORE™ is the only research and academic-based assessment in the financial wellness market. It provides organizations with over 20 million data points to benchmark participants' aptitude, behavior, and confidence regarding personal finances.

Proven Methodology of Financial Fitness SCORE™

The survey instruments (questions) used in the Financial Fitness SCORE™ have been developed based on over 20 years of research and collected wisdom from leaders in financial education and behavioral economics. Some key contributors to help develop the survey methodology include The Center for Financial Security at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Personal Finance Employee Education Fund.

How It’s Measured

SCORE™ is formulated by collecting millions of data points about the three key components of financial health, or the “A,B,C’s” of financial well-being: Aptitude, Behavior, and Confidence.


Each user completes an average of 10 questions on financial aptitude pulling from a databank of more than 100 "standardized" quiz questions on personal finance, saving, investing and retirement. This is continuously updated to ensure questions reflect the most recent tax laws, rules, regulations and relevant topics of interest.


Behavior questions are set to be a simple, straightforward measure of an individual’s or group’s behavior. The questions are validated through a testing process, including display and wording, to ensure they serve as an accurate measure of people’s behavior across all demographics.


The confidence questions are formulated by a host of financial academics, experts and researchers that use an 8-question survey called the Financial Well-Being Scale. This scale serves as a valid instrument to measure how people “feel” about money.


SCORE™ Feature Set

  • Anytime online access via smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Turnkey implementation to drive utilization
  • Real-time dashboard reports
  • Award-winning support team
  • Private, confidential, and secure
  • Track and measure changes over time
  • Co-branding and custom welcome screen
  • Add or remove survey questions
  • Customizable action items based on user input

The Value of SCORE™

Financial Fitness Health Report

Based on the A, B, and C's, we provide organizations with an in-depth micro view of each participant's financial health and a macro report on the organization's overall financial wellness. Administrators have the unique ability to assess the financial stress and knowledge of participants before starting their path to financial literacy. Detailed results summarizing the knowledge, attitudes, and behaviors on an individual level and an organizational level are delivered through a Financial Fitness Report:

  • Determine the economic impact of financial stress on your company’s bottom line.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your current financial wellness efforts.
  • Measure participant Financial Fitness levels.
  • Reduce financial stress and improve overall wellness, engagement, and productivity.

For the Individual

On an individual level, the Financial Fitness SCORE™ serves as an accurate barometer of aptitude, behavior, and confidence at any given point in time. The behavior and confidence components represent the desired outcome. Financial Fitness Group alongside leading experts in financial health, helped validate individuals who actively engage in online financial education see up to 70% improvement in all 3 areas of aptitude, behavior, and confidence.

For the Organization

Financial Fitness SCORE™ provides a wealth of data to collect and analyze an organization as a population or sub-group. SCORE™ informs its admins of overall wellness risks to help tackle and manage employee absenteeism, distracted work, accidents, turnover, and increased health issues — all of which cause a significant reduction in employee productivity and increased healthcare costs.

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