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Personalized financial education with measurable outcomes.

Our All-in-One Branded Platform

The Financial Fitness Platform is our solution to generating more educated investors and employees. Users of this powerful financial education solution consistently demonstrate significant improvement in their financial knowledge, aptitudes, and behaviors, leading to more confident and engaged learners.

Course Recommendation

The platform's technology provides users with a personalized learning experience and tracks participant progress to show real behavior change and results.


The gamification learning process is customizable. We use quizzes, calculators, certificates, points, and badges to keep participants learning and engaged.

Turnkey Integration

Powerful API and seamless integration through single sign-on that is customized to your brand for a holistic user experience.

A proven formula for success

The Financial Fitness Platform empowers organizations to assess, benchmark, and change participant's financial behaviors. Built on proven academic and organizational research, our solution has demonstrated its ability to help participants of all backgrounds improve their financial wellness for over a decade.

Financial Fitness Product Features

We understand every financial wellness experience isn't the same. Whether you want to educate your employees for retention and benefits utilization or engage with your investors for deeper, more meaningful relationships. Being able to offer a solution that reaches and impacts your unique participants is most important. Our sales team will work with you to select the best features that make the most sense for your financial education program.


We offer the most extensive library of FINRA-reviewed content, ranging from beginner to advanced, through articles and tutorials, infographics, financial charts, video courses, and more.


The administrator reporting dashboard tracks user progress and financial health at an individual and organizational level.


Over 100 interactive calculators to select from, allowing participants to calculate economic scenarios such as 'how much should I save for retirement?'


Brand your Financial Fitness platform with your company logo and colors to provide a complete user experience.


Levels, badges, points, and certificates keep users engaged and motivated to learn.


Connect and cross-link users from our platform content to other tools, resources, or actions you want them to take.


Satisfaction and behavior change surveys provide tangible data on program ROI, satisfaction, and participant behavior change impact.



Our platform and software are confidential and private. Your organization can feel confident we will protect your user's personal information.


We provide seamless integration through Single Sign-On and API options.


Participants take pre-and post-tests before and after each course completion to benchmark their aptitude changes.


Satisfaction and behavior change surveys provide tangible data on program ROI, satisfaction, and participant behavior change impact.


Financial Fitness SCORE™

Our proprietary Financial Fitness Score™ is the only research and academic-based assessment in the financial wellness market. It provides organizations the ability to benchmark participants' aptitude, behavior, and confidence, regarding personal finances. Users take the initial Financial Fitness Checkup to generate a SCORE™ similar to that of a credit score, but with more robust data.

The Financial Fitness SCORE™ is formulated by collecting millions of data points about the three key components of financial health, or what we call the “A,B, C’s” of financial well-being:

Aptitude - What we know

Behavior - How we behave 

Confidence - How do we feel 

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