What’s New in Q3 – 2020

FFG has been hard at work the past few months deploying a host of new features to help make our solutions more flexible, scalable and impactful for our clients. We’re excited to share with you a list of highlights showcasing our most recent updates and improvements. Read on to learn how and why these updates are useful.

Google Tag Manager and Analytics

  • We now offer each account the option to have its own Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics tracking code. Clients can opt to send FFG one of these tracking codes to be placed in their account so that they may obtain additional analytics outside of our traditional platform reporting.

Financial Communication Client Logins

  • Clients can now utilize a login (user name/password) to access their Presentation and Image Libraries. This applies to all clients who currently have purchased access to the full library or partial library license. Currently, the login process is subject to a custom setup and manual invite. Please contact client experience for more information and next steps how gaining your unique login access.

Updated Financial Communication Content Library

TEST Environment UI Update

  • Clients who have access to a TEST environment/account will now see a TEST ribbon in their screen’s upper left corner.

Gamification UI/UX Update

  • New badges and descriptions have been added to our platform. Clients can now customize up to 5 levels of achievement for Gamification. New Icons, descriptions, point levels, and a right-sidebar widget is available on our platform. We have also updated the explanation page for points and levels.

SVG File Types Allowed for Uploads

  • Clients are now allowed to upload SVG graphics in image fields. This allows for future developments and a cleaner interface with fewer calls and resources.  

Yahoo Finance Cashay Video Content Added

Financial Fitness Platform Content Library Updates 

Below is a list of courses that have been updated. Most of the updates have been minor — URLs, contact information, etc. 

  • Budgeting and Financial Planning While Job Hunting 
  • Choosing a Credit Card 
  • Consumer Protection against Fraud 
  • Disability Insurance 
  • Federal Help to Avoid Foreclosure 
  • How Long-Term Care Insurance Works 
  • Introduction to Banks 
  • Introduction to Credit Unions 
  • Introduction to Debt Securities 
  • Introduction to Identity Theft 
  • Introduction to Municipal Bonds 
  • Investing in Initial Public Offerings 
  • Municipal Bond Insurance 
  • Negotiable Certificates of Deposit 
  • Paying for Health Care in Retirement 
  • Long-Term Care Insurance 
  • Predatory Lending 
  • Primer on Selling Your Home 
  • Programs That Can Help You  
  • Programs That Can Help You (AMP) 
  • Reverse Mortgages  
  • The NASDAQ 
  • Understanding and Avoiding Fraud and Scams 
  • When You’re Overwhelmed by Debts 
  • Special Challenges in Debt Management