Tax Season is officially here! What have you done to prepare? How do you personally file your taxes? Filing for taxes can be a stressful task when it doesn’t necessarily have to be. There is a plethora of expert information out there from experts on how to get tips to save time and money. Believe it or not: financial wellness and taxes are intertwined. You don’t have to be a tax savvy expert to have a successful tax season. According to the Tax Foundation: “Today, taxes consume up to 29% of our income.” Since a good portion of our finances are dedicated to taxes, it is important to have a tactical approach and have the proper knowledge pieces. Paying taxes is a vital part of your financial wellness. Financial Fitness Group aims to support employees financial well being with solutions to make better tax choices. Before a deep dive into what filing taxes entail. Let’s cover the first step, one that is necessary and overlooked, which is organizing all necessary documents. It’s essential to coordinate and accumulate all financial documents of the past year. The proper organization of tax documents by self or appointed financial advisor is essential as it supports in providing accurate information to their client as well as their engagement. The proper way to organize tax documents involves some procedures which are designating an easily accessible place for placing the tax documents whether offline or online, grouping tax documents by way of a category of clients, keeping a record of last year’s return, and various other related procedures. For properly utilizing tax return responsibly, it is necessary to communicate needs at an adequate level of engagement.