A recent report published by the Milken Institute indicates that “the financial literacy gap between men and women in the U.S. is about 37% wider than the OECD average and about 59% wider than the world average.” 

How can we bridge the gap between men and women in financial literacy?   

Financial Fitness Group is honored to have our own assistant vice president of marketing, Georgette Regan, present at the Harvard Kennedy School Women’s Network 2022. Georgette will be discussing the importance of financial literacy and how providing educational tools for working individuals and investors can help even out the disparity in literacy levels in the United States. Georgette is driven by a passion for making financial language accessible to all, especially in amplifying the voices of women in the financial world. At Financial Fitness Group, our financial wellness platform is proven to engage users of all backgrounds, from investors to employees. Harvard Kennedy School Women’s Network aims to connect, support, and amplify the efforts of HKS women and gender-nonconforming individuals in authentic, meaningful, and powerful ways.  

Financial literacy is a driving force of women’s empowerment and is critical to creating a gender-equal world. Financial Fitness Group is committed to uplifting women in our communities. 

Join our financial literacy webinar on Thursday June 16th, 2022 at 1 pm PDT/ 5 pm ET about the need to close the gap in financial literacy in the United States.