The Andex® Chart is a robust tool sharing the historical viewpoints of market downturns and recoveries. The chart is an excellent piece to help understand investing and having the ability to explain complex financial concepts to clients and prospects from an experienced professional’s view. 

Graeme R. Kirkland, CIM of Argosy Securities Inc. – Toronto is one of the many experienced professionals who makes use of The Andex® Chart. Graeme explains this annually renewed chart-story piece is an excellent way to understand investing and the equity markets. 

Morningstar and the Financial Fitness Group have produced The Andex® Chart creating a historical story. This story spans from 1950-2019 and represents the last 69 years of financial concepts. In the post Graeme writes on LinkedIn, he shares many history points from the most recent 2019 Canadian Andex Chart. 

Some of these notable points include: 

  • 1950: 1 First Class Canadian Stamp: Price: $0.04 versus 2019: 1 Domestic Canadian Stamp: $1.05 + GST
  • 1973: Average Canadian Family Income: $12,716 versus 2011: Average Family Income: $95,000
  • 2000: Nortel: Traded at a High of $124.50/share, and was 34.2% of The Toronto Stock Exchange

“In all the years I have worked in the investment industry, I have found each year’s fresh, new Andex chart, and its story of the economy and the markets, always to be wonderful, educational and fascinating,” writes Graeme. He also encourages individuals to secure this chart to see the varying potential investors can accomplish. 

The Andex® Chart is a great mechanism that can spark meaningful discussions with clients and prospects. It’s also a strong educational tool for individuals to become better investors. For more information about the chart, visit View Graeme’s post regarding his insight of The Andex® Chart here.