SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA (January 17, 2018) – Precision Information, LLC., DBA Financial Fitness Group (, headquartered in San Diego, CA, is the creator of a leading online financial literacy platform and actionable ecosystem designed to teach individuals about the language of money through interactive financial education for the financial services industry and fortune 5000 companies across the nation, announced today the promotion of President Miguel D. Vasquez to Chief Executive Officer of Financial Fitness Group by the Board of Directors.

“It gives me great pleasure to announce the promotion of Miguel D. Vasquez to Chief Executive Officer”, said Board Executive Chairman Patrick D. Quirk. “Miguel started as CFO and was quickly promoted to President and then CEO within just a few months. He brings with him 20 years of financial services and leadership experience in our key industries. He provides a strong financial management process which has improved our overall corporate financial trajectory and is an integral player in the growth of key strategic deals to move the company forward. We finished a strong 2017 and have a great 2018 ahead of us. Miguel is also an excellent mentor and commands great respect and loyalty from our employees.”

Mr. Vasquez was first appointed as CFO of Financial Fitness Group in January 2017 and within 5 months he was promoted to President. Prior to his current role as CEO of Financial Fitness Group, Mr. Vasquez led a team of executives in educational management, behavioral science, community development and financial education as the Founder and CEO of the California Foundation Fund. The Foundation’s main focus was to collaborate with socially conscious businesses for the development and delivery of financial education and empowerment initiatives. Mr. Vasquez was also a regional manager and Vice President at the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation where he oversaw the expansion of HSBC’s Premier Wealth Division. In 2012, Mr. Vasquez was appointed as the Director of Alliant School of Management’s Center for Business Acceleration to grow and sustain emerging technology businesses. In 2013, he was appointed as Director of Commercialization at UCSD Rady School of Management to startup and launch its 3D virtual reality campus. Mr. Vasquez is on the board of directors at the California Foundation Fund and an active supporter of the Foundation’s “FutureBoss” youth entrepreneurship scholarship competition.

“I am very excited for the opportunity to continue a purposeful and inspiring role to lead the Financial Fitness Group as CEO. I am proud that our talented team members provide real-life solutions within our actionable and unbiased online financial education platform. Americans at work are expected to make it possible to compete in the global economy, we have set out to provide a promising and transformational learning experience that empowers our nation’s workforce, said Mr. Miguel D. Vasquez, CEO. “At the Financial Fitness Group, we are determined to engage the workplace with reliable educational lessons and actionable resources. Our partnerships with the country’s most forward-thinking financial institutions and workforce service providers enable us to reach and improve millions of lives. It is my hope that I can continue the great work that began 20 years ago as an academic endeavor to expand on the potential of leading people into financial sustainability.”

Over the next year under the leadership of Mr. Vasquez, Financial Fitness Group will continue to expand their strategic partnerships within the financial services industry to help leverage their online platforms massive library of over 10,000+ FINRA compliant content, customizable e-learning systems, and mega-data linkages. The company will also grow their end-user engagement to scale the company’s business model while improving the lives of every American.

Financial Wellness in America

Since the 1970s, the United States has shifted the burden of saving for retirement from the employer to the employee. Pensions are now a thing of the past, and employees have taken on the sole responsibility for their financial futures. With that responsibility comes to stress – the stress of the unknown related to money. Today, we have 80% of the workforce living paycheck to paycheck – with 46% of those employees stressing about finances at work at least 3 hours per week. Financial Fitness Group was created to help fill the void by enabling individuals to empower themselves, to become more profitable and less stressed in their daily lives. The Financial Fitness Groups online education platform was specifically developed to reduce the anxiety, lack of clarity or absence of financial planning that yields uncertainty related to money, including debt, medical bills, saving for retirement or children’s education. Financial Fitness Group impacts people’s lives by giving them the knowledge and information to confidently reach their financial goals.

About Precision Information, DBA Financial Fitness Group:

Financial Fitness Group (FFG) is an enterprise software company that developed multiple academically based financial e-learning platforms and actionable ecosystems designed to maximize employee engagement, personal financial knowledge, and predictive behavioral linkages. Since 1998 Financial Fitness Group has partnered with the country’s most forward-thinking financial institutions and workforce service providers to empower more than 2 million employees within more than 1,000 major U.S. corporations, universities and government agencies. Our cloud-based, independent and unbiased financial education and engagement platform, assesses and benchmarks participants overall financial fitness. Our company was founded in 1998 based on scientific research on how to improve the financial literacy of the citizens of the United States. That research continues to this day and is the driving force, along with our clients, to continuously meet the new challenges facing those with financial stress.

As part of the financial learning journey, the Financial Fitness Group developed the Financial Fitness SCORE™. This score allows participants to identify, benchmark, and positively change their financial aptitude, behavior, and confidence. Our exclusive, robust online content enables users to build up their Financial Fitness SCORE™ in a fun, engaging manner using a foundation of over 10,000 pieces of FINRA compliant content each user can select from. The platform is modular and easily adaptable to enterprise-level capacity offering solutions to meet each organization’s unique needs. Our financial fitness platform has been developed to be turnkey so that it is simple to roll out and administer. Our platform can be configured to each client’s needs and includes online and offline communication assets, a step-by-step best practice guide, and 1-million data points to cross check each user’s progress and engagement through real-time analytics.

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