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Iowa Financial Fitness Challenge Frequently Asked Questions

Why Should My Organization Participate?

For large affiliate/membership based organizations, the program becomes a value added benefit to your members. It helps to attract and retain new members by providing a free service that benefits them exponentially.

For employers, if provides an added wellness benefit and impacts your bottom line. It’s known that each individual financially unfit employee can cost up to $2000 in lost productivity each year. With this program, you can keep your workforce productive while offering them financial success through education.

I’m too busy and can’t participate at this time, when is the next time I can participate?

We offer the program twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. You may select to start the program in either the spring and fall or offer it both in spring and fall. The spring and fall campaigns are based on pre-decided dates in April and September. Contact us to learn more.

How long does the campaign or program last?

For employer organizations, once the program starts it typically lasts 8 weeks, however, your employees will have access to the platform until the end-of-year. We will continue to send them push notification emails to keep them engaged.

What information can you share with me that I can use to have an internal discussion with management to get approval?

You may visit to share with internal team members and/or download our fact sheet to share with them, which is also located on the above landing page.

What if I change my mind and can’t participate?

No problem, just let us know and we can have you participate in the next challenge. We typically host the challenge in the Spring and Fall.

How late can I decide and/or sign-up and still participate?

We prefer you sign-up at least one month before the challenge begins.

How do I signup to participate?

Complete the application form here:

My organization is a for-profit business, how do I get approval to participate?

First, you must apply, and we will send your request to the Iowa Insurance Division for approval. It typically takes two days to receive a response and most of the time it is approved.

Who is able to participate?

This program is offered for free to Iowa employees (who live or work in the State of Iowa) and their family members. If you have employees who are outside of the State of Iowa, you may offer it to them as well, however it is not covered by the grant and you would be obligated to pay a small fee.

Is it really free and who pays for it?

Yes, this program is really FREE, 100% of costs are covered by a grant from the Iowa State Government (Iowa Insurance Division) to all qualifying companies within the State of Iowa.

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