A strong digital presence is no longer optional to gain a competitive edge in today’s marketplace. According to Statistica, the number of smartphone users worldwide in 2018 is projected to reach 2.52 billion, with 61.2% of the world population accessing the web from their mobile devices. To reach customers effectively, businesses, no matter the industry, must be highly visible, easily searchable and provide personalized experiences. Evaluate these 5 factors of digital presence to determine how your financial services company can improve and retain consumer relationships.

1. Website Content

Your website is the communication platform where you tell the story of your offerings. It should enable people to find you, connect with you, understand your services, gain trust and want to work with you. The consumer should be the central focus of your website content, and it’s important to offer the right amount of content as to not overwhelm or under-educate potential consumers. Can users see the financial courses you offer by visiting your website? Is it easily searchable? Is it mobile friendly? Do you have social proofs (testimonials) on your website? Mapping out your consumer’s journey will reveal the role and effectiveness of your website as well as provide the necessary direction to improve its content.

2. Online Financial Education

Forward-thinking financial institutions are leveraging online financial education and innovative service options to meet customer demands for financial wellness. Digital-based financial education is proven to increase lead generation and transactions at 25x the normal rate (1). Financial service companies accomplish this through improvements in technology designed to maximize investor engagement, financial knowledge and desired consumer behaviors. Providing customers with financial education platforms will drive additional actions from these customers. This means more investments in financial partners, employees and customers alike.

3. Optimization of Digital Advertising

For businesses that don’t optimize a budget effectively, advertising can be a major cost and hassle. Make it a priority set yourself up to be found by the correct audiences. Financial service companies should prioritize where, when and who interacts with their website and business. Are you paying for ads on a site your audience regularly uses? Is your business easily Googled? Tools like Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, MapQuest and CitySearch will help deliver your financial services to consumers, ultimately optimizing your reach.

4. Social Media

As consumers demand more transparency with their financial institutions, word of mouth is a currency that heavily impacts your company’s bottom line and social media allows word of mouth to scale. From Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram you can set the criteria to drive core business objectives that are unique to your consumers and brand. Remember, who you are trying to target. Who best represents the general consumer that would benefit from your company and its services? It’s important to choose your social media channels based on who you want to present your services to. Keep in mind the more opportunities you have to socially interact with consumers, the more traffic you will bring to your company.

4. Email Marketing

Email marketing often requires analyzing consumer data, but when properly utilized, it can be a highly effective tool to gain and retain customers. Engaging new subscribers and nurturing current customers through customized email messaging can build a sense of trust that is central to customer relationships. Optimizing emails through send times, segmented audiences and custom content also help create interactive behavior with your financial services.


  1. IRA participation and budgeting are self-reported; retirement contributions are from administrative data

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