Financial Fitness Group Is Selected As A Top Shortlister Vendor for Q2 2021

Financial Fitness Group is excited to share we have been selected as a Shortlister Top Vendor for Q2 2021 for the following categories: Financial Coaching Financial Coaching Tools Financial Education Financial Wellness Programs Q1 was quite successful here at FFG, and we couldn’t be more thrilled to be a top vendor, as well as a partner, on […]

Why Banks Need Digital Financial Education Programs for Consumers

Providing the opportunity to give customers financial education tools and resources through banks has been an increased discussion topic since COVID-19. This opportunity keeps banks competitive in the market and helps customers gain trust.  Here are 4 reasons why banks need digital financial education programs for consumers: Personalization Personalization for the consumer journey increases the […]

Changing Your Mindset About Money

Money mindset will set you up for success or failure with your finances. It’s been told many times before, but your mind is powerful and can alter how you perceive various factors of your life. If you view your finances negatively, that relationship has a negative outcome. Changing that to a positive mindset will shape […]

AI and Having a Digital Foundation in the Financial Services Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) and having a solid digital foundation is crucial today in the world’s financial services industry. Having these two factors will keep companies ahead of their competition and continuously improve in their long-term strategies to overcome obstacles and provide a holistic transformation of the organization. The improved use of data and analytics will […]

Financial Wellness Trends in 2021

Financial stress can hurt a company and its employees. Job satisfaction, attitude, and performance can also be affected when finances come into play, making it challenging to succeed inside and outside the workplace. Making sure companies have a positive company culture, flexibility, diversity and inclusion, benefits, and other opportunities will create a better environment for […]

Lawmakers Share The Importance of Credit and Financial Literacy

Financial literacy and financial wellness are two critical factors to learn regarding finances. Education in both of these spaces plays an essential role in credit scores and creditworthiness.  According to The Hill, lawmakers share that people need financial literacy to improve their credit. The lawmakers also highlight that helping younger generations start financial literacy programs to maintain […]

Financial Fitness Group Board Member, Tricia Rothschild Speaks with Yahoo Finance

Financial Fitness Group Board Member and Apex Clearing’s President, Tricia Rothschild, spoke with Akiko Fujita and Emily McCormick on Yahoo Finance Live, discussing trends shown in millennial investors at Apex Clearing, as well as interests in IPOs in 2020 and SPACs in 2021. “People are taking their investing into their own hands and certainly technology as well […]

Financial Fitness Group is Selected as a Top Shortlister Vendor

Financial Fitness Group is happy to announce we have been selected as a Shortlister Top Vendor for Q1 2021 for the following categories: Financial Coaching  Financial Coaching Tools Financial Education  Financial Wellness Programs We are thrilled to see what Q1 has in store, as well as for 2021.

5 Ways to Have a Successful Financial Year in 2021

With the start of the New Year, it’s prevalent to make resolutions to hit in 2021. Many create New Year’s resolutions revolving around their finances, including creating a budget or paying a specific amount for a debt owed. Here are five ways to decrease bad financial behavior and increase the actions taken to have a […]

Managing Your Holiday Spending and Reducing Stress

The holidays are a stressful time of the year for many peoples. Factors such as financial pressure and spending can cause stress and anxiety. Gifts, traveling, food, decorations, and more are significant reasons why the financial strain is becoming more common. On average, Americans are expected to spend $998 in 2020 during the holiday season […]